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Hitop Camper

The popular Hitop Camper is a dream to drive, powered by a 2.4L unleaded petrol engine. This modern vehicle suits couples, but also accommodates a child

Hitop Camper


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RV trip April 2011 Review by Elliot
We picked up our Sunrise Escape RV in California where we spent a couple of days touring Los Angeles and visiting famous land marks like holly wood.
After a few days, we then set off to go to Las Vegas where we stayed at a lovely RV park called 'Sam's Town'. The place was really nice and it had a nice pool, casino and shopping center. We spent 2 days going around Las Vegas and went into some amazing places like 'New york New york', 'Paris', 'Bellagio' and a very tall tower called 'The Stratosphere'. The weather was very nice but also very hot with temperatures reaching over 30 degrees!
After spending 2 days in Las Vegas, we set off for Bryce Canyon where we arrived to see 2 meters of snow on the the side of the roads! We stayed here for a night. We went on a horse ride into the canyon and visited many different view points. But that night we stayed for was a night to remember! The was a snow storm and the temperatures were well below freezing!
the next morning we had a last few visits to some of the view points before leaving to go to Page where we visited 2 slot canyons called 'Upper Antelope Canyon' and 'Lower Antelope Canyon'. These canyons looked amazing inside! Some of the best photos I've ever taken were taken here!
After spending a night there, we headed off to visit Monument Valley which is a valley with many big 'orange' rock formations. We went on a horse ride to get closer to these formations. I must say, the horse ride was pretty fun but at the same time, a bit dangerous as it was the first time any of us had been on a horse and we were galloping without and protective gear!
We woke up bright and early the next morning to see sun rise and then left for one of the highlights of the trip.... The Grand Canyon!
After a couple of hours driving in the RV, we arrived at the Grand Canyon where we were welcomed by a magnificent view! We visited many places and view points and we stayed in a nice RV park which had free shuttles to view points which was quite handy as parking our RV for every view point was easy...
The next morning, we woke up bright and early again to get some pictures of the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. I got some very good pictures here too!
We then left to spend 2 more days in Las vegas where we dropped off our RV and our then holiday unfortunately came to an end... (Posted on 12/05/12)
My WA Trip Review by John Griffin
I had such a great time in WA with your fantastic Euro Camper...what a tremendous vehicle...comfortable ,clean, well presented and terrific to drive. I could not believe how easy to drive, powerful and comfortable the Ford Transit was. It's going to be hard to go back to a Hi-Top!

I was also impressed with the service provided by Wayne and staff and Perth branch. They (and Wayne especially) were extremely courteous and helpful and went out of their way to make my holiday enjoyable.

I'm attaching a photo of a line up that accidently occurred at the timber town of Pemberton south east of Perth...and what a beautiful little place that was! (Posted on 9/05/12)

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